CancerCare Program

This program is intended to pass on kindness and support to those in need as well as give others support while battling cancer.

Our goal is to alleviate stress and save time for women who are undergoing treatment through programs that are already in place.

Essentially, we will help you to easily get the information that you need by acting as a patient advocate to guide you to the available resources.

We will be collecting:
❤️ Funds for small care packages including hats with braided hair and bracelets

❤️ Funds for shipping

❤️ Stamps, printing, event planning

To anyone interested in helping build this program please send items to:
Jennifer Winkelman
c/o Snail-Mail
P.O.Box 203
McAllister, Montana     59740

In honor of Lynne Dobrzelewski

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Donation – CancerCare

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