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Check out all these discounts available for Girl Talk of Age! You’ll save money while giving back a small portion to GTOA.

Jessica Simpson 

Clothing and Accessories  *Women-Owned

Modern Sprout 

Modern Sprout – Plants & Gardening *Women-Owned, *Eco-friendly, *Socially conscious, *Sustainable, *Homemade

We strive to connect people & plants through beautifully designed, easy-to-use gardening products. We’d love for you to try out some of our products, and share your growing journey with us.                                                                                                10% OFF with discount code: GTOA

Zazzy Bandz

Beauty – Accessories

The Redesigned Headband That Fits Like Sunglasses!

Knowing a painless headband would be popular with women worldwide, I was determined to get this unique item to market. I shared my idea and plan with friend Laura Barker who immediately understood the concept of the perfect headache-free headband. We sought out folk in the local industry to patent, produce, and market Zazzy Bandz. – Janet Laster Purkey, M.D.

Together We Make A Difference

We donate a portion of each purchase to the children of Peniel Center Orphanage. We are “More Than A Headband,” thanks to all our wonderful supporters.

Up to 15% OFF with discount code: GTOA

Pawz Saves Dogs

Clothing and Accessories

We’re a mission-based apparel brand dedicated to saving dogs from kill shelters.                          If you are a dog lover, join us on our mission!

20% OFF with discount code GTOA
& 10% goes to saving homeless dogs

Baby Barrels

Home / Bar / Aged cocktails / Plants / Events        *Women-Owned

Our American white oak barrels are authentically handmade for aging distilled spirits or cocktails (think: Old Fashioned, Negroni, Bijou). Each barrel is made with a #3 charred interior ideal for Bourbon, Whiskey, Tequila, Brandy, Rum or even vinegar!                                                            We also offer handmade decorative wood barrels that are uniquely designed for use as planters, flowerpots, home/office storage, and can be customized for weddings or other events as table centerpieces, floral arrangement lifts, card boxes and recognition gifts.  They also make great tip jars for bars, restaurants, and musicians.

15% OFF with discount code: GTOA

Beier Designs

Clothing – Shirts and Mugs

We are Environmentally conscious purveyors of premium apparel. We are a Brand, but we are also a Movement! Based in Southwest Florida, we create and deliver in-demand, small-batch clothing designs using the finest, and softest materials available. Our goal is to eliminate the drabby, oversized, never-consistent products we ourselves have received too many times. We hope to earn your confidence so that every time, with every order, you can rest assured, WE CARE. We care about consistency, we care about staying true to what we have advised you to expect. With our Planet’s health in mind, we make certain that each apparel design is made in realistic numbers, and made with quality that is meant to last, not be thrown away after two uses.

10% OFF with discount code GTOA

Sagebrush Apothecary LLC

Luxury bath products and skincare|small batch|handmade| safest ingredients possible|herbal remedies| *Women-Owned

15% OFF with discount code GTOA

Ryleigh’s Barkery

– Michigan Only

Doggie Discount *Homemade *Women-Owned

15% OFF with discount code GTOA

Treasure State Treats

Doggie Discount        *Women-Owned *Homemade *Organic

Treasure State Treats is a home-based dog treat company, located in beautiful Ennis, Montana. Our dog treats are all natural and hand-crafted with love. We keep our dog treats simple, clean and dog-licious by using locally sourced and organic ingredients.  Our treats are non-GMO and contain zero preservatives.

20% OFF with discount code: GTOA

Peace & Love Boutique

Clothing and Accessories, *Woman-Owned 

15% OFF with discount discount code: GTOA


Hockey Moms  ⛸ BEST Seller on Amazon Again!!!
Save, Money, Skate Faster, Support Girl Talk Of AgeGirl Talk Of Age
Your kid skates faster within 90 days or your $money$ back. 1lb and 1/2lb strengthening skate weights!
Discount code: GTOA

Bauer Beauty


10% OFF with discount code GTOA

Goonis Picks

Goonis Picks are going to change the way you play!!
Discount Code : GTOA

Riley’s Candles

15% Off with Discount Code: GTOA 


Genetic Lifehacks 

Please enjoy a 10% discount with code: GTOA

Genetic Lifehacks: Understand your genetic data


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